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Philippines Arnis Escrima Martial Arts Training Camp for 2016 through to 2017

Enrollment now open for 2016 through to the end of 2017.

HOW TO ARRIVE: Simply book your air flight into Cebu Mactan International Airport. Once you arrive numerous taxis are available to take you to Danao Port 30 min North of Cebu City. At Danao get the regular Fast Craft Ferry boat to take the 1 hour ride to Consuelo Port on Camotes Island where we meet you on the Island paradise of Camotes Island. Email and Txt us.. See details of the ferry boat here...

WHAT WE DO: We invite you, greet you on arrival, arrange accommodation or housing you, show you around the island, introduce you to martial art trainers, begin you within our school, and help you in day to day affairs - You can do all this   training while also enjoying the tropical island of Cebu Central Visayas in the Philippines.

WHAT WE DO NOT DO: We do not fill our classes with anaerobic exercises or waste our students lesson time with fitness, running and other exercises as these can be done by the student themselves or done in an external fitness class. What we teach is practical combat covering hand-to-hand, stick, knives and weapon defense. We do not pass off a martial arts class while only doing fitness and an anaerobic workout with a tinge of martial arts. Anorobics and fitness are a part of martial arts yet we expect you to do that in your own time.

We do only martial arts hand to hand, knife and stick combat training in our lesson time.

It is non threatening and friendly training as we wish to build skill for defense with the right temperament, no egos here! We are only interested in rapid progress as fast as possible for our students!

I trained with Peter for 2 Months and at first i did not know what to expect. 
My background is Wing Tsun, Jiu Jitsu and some center based systems.  
And Peters system caught me really by surprise. 
Not is it just one of the most effective systems i encountered, but also it is very easy to learn compared to other martial arts.  
He kept it simple and effective. In the end i was so convinced, that i think it should be spread. Thats what i will start once i am back home. 
As far as Peter is concerned, he is a very cheerful guy, who is always interested in your progress and is patient and a great teacher. 
Knud from Germany

If you are located in Germany we have a new school opening from one of my students.

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Training Costs
Training Location

1 - We teach an advanced form of hand to hand system founded by the late Grandmaster Lawrence Lee - video

2 - We teach a complete knife attack defense system founded by the late Grandmaster Larry Alquezar - video

3 - We teach a very advanced form of long and close range balintawak escrima arnis stick style founded by the Rosada Lineage directly linked back to Venancio "Anciong" Bacon. - video

Please view our detailed information below...

If you are interested in spending your holiday time off this year to deeply study and improve in your martial arts please consider coming to the Philippines to enhance your past training. We offer full training in hand to hand Silat and Kung Fu, also knife and bottle defense and a full study in Escrima Arnis Stick Fighting.

We offer very reasonable priced training up to 4 hours every day and offer very nice clean moderately priced accommodation for your stay. Cooking facilities or even food cooked for you, single simple rooms up to high class hotel accommodation is available here.

We are on Cebu Island, We train Daily and with time off we can do snorkeling, SCUBA Diving, Kayaking, Biking, Hiking, Discos and more, We are surrounded by white sand beaches, water falls and hot springs. A perfect Martial Arts Training Holiday.

Come for our TWO WEEK training package or stay up to 2 months to complete your training.

It is very easy to arrive. Simply book your flight into and out of Cebu International Airport.

Ferry Boat direct to Camotes

Student arriving from Germany

Schedule of the boats from Cebu to Camotes

Watch this short video of our training area hotel and location

NEW for 2016 - 30% off all training costs for 2016 if you make a 50% deposit prior to arriving.

We have new training costs and training methods, facilities to get the most out of your martial arts training holiday. After 5 years of full time instructional training here in the Philippines we can teach you the fastest and fullest methods in stick, hand and knife self defense. 

Either pay full on arrival or take advantage of 30% off by paying a deposit in advance. 

- please email for details.

Training costs are covered below.

5 obvious reasons for coming to train with us in the Philippines

Arnis - Northern Philippines | Eskrima - Central Philippines | Kali - Southern Philippines

1. Cebu Island in the Philippines probably has more Grandmasters per capita of anyplace on planet Earth. Here we have Fathers who taught sons who in turn taught their sons and in turn their sons. A true authentic lineage in martial arts excellence only now, within the last few years, is this knowledge available to be learn by Westerners.

2. The Philippino martial arts systems are designed for real self defense forged over hundreds of years of life and death battles between the competing islands and clans. The Filipino martial arts systems are unique, sophisticated and devastating in effect. This is not an exercise or a dance lessons designed as martial arts for kids often found in the West.

3. Most martial arts training in the Western World is available twice a week perhaps a one hour lesson. Compare that to the rapid progress you can make here with our training facility. We have full time teachers / Instructors training here up to 4 hours everyday ready and waiting for your attendance. Become an Eskrima BlackBelt within a year with our intense training program.

4. The Philippines martial arts are extremely practical. They start with weapons like the stick, sword and knife and work through to hand to hand techniques all using the same methodology. This is a complete system not a hodge podge of mixed martial arts styles. These systems are not overly fancy and do not require any acrobatics in their moves. Anybody in any physical shape can gain from our classes - all body styles, any age at any skill level will find our training riveting, exhilarating and intensely practical.

5. Our training is very moderately priced. $20 per lesson hour allows you to involve yourself up to four hours training each day, with various masters and their varying systems. Living in the Philippines is also cheap and we arrange a one year visa from $300 and simple and practical accommodation for $100 per month. Internet access, delicious foods, entertainment and travel around the 7000 islands here is also cheap and readily available. Come to an oasis and combine a holiday and martial arts!

Get or enhance your true martial arts skills now. Super fast progress Super nice location...

Is this what you are looking for?? ...

If you would like to prepare yourself with the expert knowledge and skills needed for a street applicable realistic useful martial arts, covering hand to hand skills and also weapon skills then please consider acting now to get your self trained.

The really true only way to do this is immersion training. Not off and one two days a week lessons but..

4 hours every day for one month will give these true skillful practical results. Please consider that simply training at your local gym or training center twice a week Monday and Wednesday: then most of the two hour lesson is spent on warm up stretching and warm down. So you gain perhaps two hours a week in actual progress and useful skill development in your martial art.

Your training here in the Philippines offers you not only a gorgeous relaxing holiday experience but also a huge jump in your martial skills and knowledge. 

Training 4 hours a day 5 days in a week for 4 weeks give you a practical 80 hours of true progress in your readiness to defend yourself and your love ones in what maybe very dangerous times coming to most of the countries in the World.

80 hours of true training here can be considered an equivalent to a total of 40 weeks of two hours training gain in a week in your local school or training center. That is if you attend every lesson for 40 weeks. So that is close to 1 year of progress that you could gain now within one month of training here. 

Start your martial arts training in this amazing way or enhance your past training with this super boost to add to your current skills and knowledge.

Get a real instant jump up in your martial arts skills and development. Now added to all of this training gains also imagine this training is done in a brand new amazing tropical resort. Brand new swimming pool, spar, restaurant etc  with direct beach access and resort environment. 

View the photos showing the direct white beach access for swimming, our restaurant offering the finest foods, our brand new air conditioned rooms and huge swimming pool and spar. SCUBA center, ATM, Motorcycle hire, general store also within the resort.

We now have a brand new training area on the Island of Camotes just two hours ferry boat from Cebu Island International Airport. 

Student arrived on Camotes and the hotel training area

On of our hotel bedrooms

The hotel hall way to the bedrooms

Our German student checking out the martial arts training area

Bedroom in our hotel large bed air conditioning and private bathroom

The training area with refrigerators tables chairs and relaxing area

Our view from the hotel training area

Training area includes 8 huge bedrooms in our hotel with amazing views of the ocean and surrounding islands to enjoy while we train. Pictures and samples are below.

Cebu Island in the Philippines

Comotes Islands just two hours from Cebu Danao Port

Sample Review of the training:

Much Better than I Expected

Since Peter is not Filipino I had a bit of a reservation about whether this was going to be worth my time or not and the effectiveness of his skills. As it turns out what he teaches is not a pure form of Arniss or Kali, but in my opinion something much more practical and right up my alley.
The whole reason I wanted to learn Filipino Martial Arts was for my lack of weapon skills (not that my hand to hand is very good either). Then I was going to go around learning other stuff from other people, such as Krav Maga etc for the purpose of putting together a relatively easy to learn but very street effective fighting system for the Survival Fitness Plan fight training. After learning Peter’s system I think I might not bother with other training camps and just refine his system to my needs.
Filipino Martial Arts Training Review, Cebu - Lock Flow Drill - Survive Travel
The lock flow drill teaches a variety of arm and wrist locks.

About Peter’s Filipino Martial Arts Training

Peter’s Filipino Martial Arts training in Cebu encompass hand to hand, stick fighting and knife defense and all three of these meld together. He did a lot of research and more importantly a lot of thinking about what are the most effective techniques and principles to use. It is far too much to go into detail here but believe me, it is VERY well thought out.
This is self defense / street fight training. It is very street applicable, so much so that it is not practical to spar. You can do partnered flow drills and he uses Chi Sao (a modified version) but I think if you were to spar properly with this someone would get seriously hurt. Of course you can soft spar but it is not like Muay Thai or Boxing where you can score a point and keep going. With this if you were to “score” properly then your mate is probably not going to want to keep going.
Filipino Martial Arts Training  Review, Cebu - Self Kill - Survive Travel
Using a “self kill” knife defence.

Teaching Style

Peter has a very good teaching style. He is patient and has well thought out lesson plans which he adapts to the student. His aim is to teach you as much as possible in as short time as possible. This means that it is all skills training with no focused conditioning or fitness, although you do get some (especially conditioning) during the normality of training.
He does cram ALOT of information in but he uses a progressive step method of teaching so you revise stuff as you continue to learn, e.g. ABCD, ABCDE, BCDEF, ABCDEF, CDEFGH etc.
To read move reviews of the training click here

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